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Alphabetica is the moniker of independent design leader and UX/UI designer Chris DeFrancesco.


right now

Currently, Chris is leading an agile design team that is building an iOS and Android application that enables users to save money fast and easily. In this role Chris is responsible for overseeing the user experience design and user testing, the application of visual design, and the overall brand experience.


about chris

Chris has been working in the UX/UI field for the last 20 years. In 2008 he left the comforts of a full time position to work with internal design teams and outside agencies around the U.S on a contract basis.

Working with a diverse set of clients and design partners, Chris has experience in creating design systems, native apps, progressive web apps, and loads of websites and digital brands.

Chris is often commissioned directly as part of regional and international design teams as a UX/UI designer or design team leader to create digital products and websites in an agile environment. At other times he's engaged as a design consultant, offering creative direction and UX/UI design directly to clients.


Let's work

Chris is always searching for the next great project. He loves working with internal teams, design partners, or solo.

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