Client: the Super, Colossal, Mega Consultancy

A Brand New Design System


What was the problem I was preesnted with?

The Super, Colossal, Mega Consultancy, is, well... big. So big that they have lots of internal digital tools that they and they're clients use daily. These tools are designed and built by teams all over the world. Each tool has a purpose, specific users, and a problem it is solving.

The design problem is that these tools use different user experience patterns to solve similar problems. Some good, some not-so-good. They have different visual  languages. They don't play well together. And they need to be presented to users as part of a cohesive family of tools that are designed and built on the same core design principles. They wanted and needed a design system.


What did I start?

I was cast as the lead UI designer. I was part of a mid-size design and development team spread across 3 time zones. Together,  with members of The Super, Colossal, Mega Consultancy, we began by analyzing some of their core digital tools. We documented components, iconography, typography, micro typography, tool bars, menus, windows, as well as common user flows. By documenting all of the core components of the current tools, we were setting ourselves up, and the designers and developers across the organization, for future success in their efforts to implement the new design system for current and future tools.


What did I deliver?

This documentation was used to outline our minimum viable product (MVP).